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The Public Protection Cabinet (PPC) Internship program is unique and mutually beneficial for students and agencies. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded experience for each student intern. Students will receive a meaningful educational experience including networking opportunities, field experiences, and industry-specific educational components.

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Jonathan Ryzowicz
Office of the Secretary, Spring 2023

"Throughout my time interning in the Public Protection Cabinet, I have gained valuable insight into the legislative process far beyond what I knew previously. Working alongside Ms. Gruen and Mrs. Wasson has been a pleasure as they have shown and directed me through the 2023 Regular Session. Through my experience I have broadened my knowledge of state government, and how the work that is done impacts my community."
Aaliyah Boller
Office of the Secretary, Spring 2022

“My internship with the Public Protection Cabinet was my first opportunity to dive into state government and taught me a significant amount about politics while also providing hands-on experience with potential new laws. I learned how government at all levels function, why every job is important, and how Kentuckians are impacted by their representatives and senators. My internship exposed me to the inner workings of the political world and allowed me to make so many professional and personal connections, paving the way for my current position in the federal government.”
Megan Bernard
Office of the Secretary, Spring 2022

"My internship at the Public Protection Cabinet taught me so much about state government, public policy, communication skills, and making professional connections. I am so glad I got to have an experience working in a professional environment that prioritizes the learning experiences of their interns. I was able to apply what I was learning in college in real-time and gain real world experience in the field. This internship truly jumpstarted my career in state government."
Deja Robinson
Horse Racing Commission, Fall 2021

"I gained extensive knowledge about various regulatory operations & encountered so many passionate people. I have gained a greater appreciation for state government and how it impacts the racing industry in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Thank you for providing this unique and enriching opportunity and welcoming atmosphere."
Charles Churchill
Horse Racing Commission, Fall 2021

"This internship provided me an incredible opportunity to develop both my knowledge of gaming and wagering protocol as well as various soft skills necessary for my professional endeavors."