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Open Records

For inquiries about licenses, do not file an open records request. Visit the appropriate agency website using these links Visit Other PPC Agencies

The Kentucky Public Protection Cabinet believes in good government, and that includes providing transparent access to those who request to view our public records.

To submit an open records request for any agency in the Public Protection Cabinet, please completely fill out the form on this page. You must provide all information to receive your record(s). If you need help, contact us at (502)-564-5525.

To request records from Public Protection Cabinet-administered occupational boards, please choose the Department of Professional Licensing in the drop-down list below and then select the appropriate board.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will my records be ready?

The Cabinet has three business days (excluding holidays and weekends) to respond in writing whether the records will be made  available and a date in which they will be available.

2Is every piece of information subject to open records law?

    No, the following is exempt from public inspection

  • Records of law enforcement agencies or agencies involved in administrative adjudication that were compiled in the process of detecting and investigating statutory or regulatory violations, if the disclosure of the information would harm the agency.
  • Preliminary drafts, notes and correspondence with private individuals other than correspondence that is intended to give notice of final action of a public agency.
  • Preliminary recommendations and preliminary memoranda in which opinions are expressed or policies are formulated or recommended.
  • All public records or information the disclosure of which is otherwise prohibited by federal law or regulation, and public records or information the disclosure of which is prohibited or restricted or otherwise made confidential by an enactment of the General Assembly.